Understanding complex ideas can often be helped by use of audio-visual material. Yet too often the quality of presentations (and audience response) can be undermined by lacklustre scripts, poor or unimaginative editing, badly-researched source imagery or grating off-the-shelf background music.

IMT media

Having been asked to assist clients produce better internal presentations, we’re now expanding our services to include content production, from simple Powerpoint templates through to complete audio-video packages for internal or online audiences. Whether you need a quick edit produced against an initial script outline (for downstream use by broadcast media production companies) or a complete package for use in company and online presentations, we can help.

Services include:

  • Script design and review against overall client objectives
  • Sourcing of commercial stills, video and soundtrack content
  • In-house production of video and audio content
  • Adobe Creative Suite workstation for video and audio editing
  • Digital Audio Workstation with Virtual Studio Technology (VST) and Roland / Korg / Yamaha hardware sound modules
  • Network of freelance cameramen/women, interviewers, voice artists and musicians for specific requirements

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