We provide a range of core services, including:

  • Feasibility studies – scoping a potential idea, by addressing fundamental issues up front;
  • Design & development – working with the planning process to turn ideas into projects;
  • Finance & procurement – identifying funding via public and/or private routes;
  • Project management – taking a project through to implementation and handover;
  • Public & corporate policies – turning aspirations into deliverable policies, in a clear concise style;
  • Communications – promoting informed debate and better understanding of transport.

We can (and do) get involved at various stages of a project as required. Depending on the nature of the assignment, we can supplement the in-house team with hand-picked professionals in supporting disciplines, providing clients with one-stop resourcing of projects.

Five broad principles underpin our approach:

  • Client focussed – above all else, working closely with you and your requirements;
  • Politically astute – recognising that projects work better with ‘stakeholder’ and community support, whether in public or private sectors;
  • Business minded – keeping policies in touch with business, and projects in touch with the realities of costs, revenues, timescales and risks;
  • Innovative – taking a broader perspective and drawing on best practice from other industries, to challenge perceived wisdom and identify new opportunities to create sustainable solutions;
  • Plain speaking – demystifying jargon, simplifying complex issues and giving fresh insights, to produce interesting, challenging and constructive reports, which get read, debated and acted upon.