Intermodality is proud to have won the Support Service Provider of the Year award at last night’s Rail Freight Group event in Oxford. The judges commented:

“Our winner is a leading light in the demystification of rail freight – with an impressive portfolio of projects over the last year including getting freight on HS1, W10 gauge from Southampton to the WCML, Stobart’s UK – Spain intermodal service, new Strategic Freight Interchanges planned near St Albans and Doncaster , and a proposed rail connected Food Hub at Spalding.”

Intermodality was recommended for the award by a number of our clients, who noted:

Stobart Group:

“Intermodality has unfailingly given us robust advice and inspired guidance, high level technical and operational expertise and skills – and also demonstrated exceptional value for money. Their constant enthusiasm – and an unflinchingly half full glass – means that we are always alert to new opportunities in the market, new funds on the horizon and new partnership avenues. As a leading provider in the UK of multimodal logistics, we understand the importance of having the best advice and support on hand at all times. Intermodality always feel part of the team rather than outsiders looking in. That loyalty and closeness to our business means that they are respected by us all and their 100% reliability record means they are completely trusted too.”

Helios Properties:

“We have worked with Intermodality for over 10 years on some of the UK ‘s largest rail-related commercial property projects. During this period we have consistently enjoyed professional advice of the highest standard with a true insider’s grasp of the rail freight industry. Intermodality give us a commercial perspective to the delivery of rail freight projects, demystify what might appear complex technical problems, actively introduce us to clients and rail industry partners and in doing so bring forward fuller integration of the railway into our logistics developments. In our opinion no other rail related consultancy in the UK provides the property industry with this quality of service. “

South East England Development Agency & The Institute for Sustainability:

“Intermodality has been providing expert advice in the rail and logistics field for SEEDA from 2006 to the end of 2010. They were instrumental in informing SEEDA’s regional economic policies relating to the important link between freight, logistics and its sustainable operation in a heavily congested South East England region. They assisted with a number of crucial freight projects, not least unlocking the delivery of the rail gauge enhancement from Southampton Port to the Midlands . In SEEDA, we were always able to trust Intermodality’s professional integrity, pragmatic approach to finding viable solutions and excellent contacts to key operators in the industry. Intermodality is now participating in a number of EU funded projects which have transferred to the Institute for Sustainability, which Nick Gallop from Intermodality has joined as a Technical Associate.”

Responding to the award, Managing Director Nick Gallop noted:

“We normally like to stay out of the limelight and let our client’s achievements speak for themselves. However, on this occasion we have been truly humbled and delighted by the nominations of our clients and I am delighted to accept this award in gratitude to their ongoing support, and on behalf of our team of past and present consultants, whose collective “Can Do” approach has delivered time after time over the last decade. I would also wish to give personal thanks to RFG and the judging panel for making this award to Intermodality, it is very much appreciated.”