Following yesterday’s presentation on express freight to the 22nd Rail Freight Group conference, Intermodality matched words with action by sponsoring last night’s test train by Colas Rail for TNT Express from Rugby to Euston.

TNT delivered cages of products for customers Staples and Bristan into Colas Rail’s Rugby depot, taking only 20 minutes to transfer from road to rail. The train left Rugby to cover the 82 miles direct to Euston station, arriving on time at 02:38. Filmed by camera crews from ITV and TNT, within an hour the cages were transhipped from train into a fleet of waiting TNT electric and low-emission trucks and vans, the road and rail vehicles being clear of the station by 03:49.

Nick Gallop, Director of Intermodality, congratulated TNT, Colas Rail and Network Rail on another successful demonstration of rail’s potential for high-speed, low-carbon deliveries into the heart of towns and cities:

“This trial has more than ever laid to rest the myths about rail freight and urban logistics – the overnight train ran to time, achieved a faster transit than by road, used an otherwise deserted main line station as a freight interchange, and significantly reduced emissions in the process. I am delighted that our sponsorship helped make it happen, reflecting our commitment to raise awareness and promote further innovation in the rail freight sector.”